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Strategic Advisory Services

We offer strategic advisory services that help executive leadership teams to plan for high growth, and optimized investments in Pharma, Insurance, Healthcare, Financial, Retail and Energy verticals.

Process People Technology
Our differentiated service model, built on trusted partnerships with clients to both develop and execute strategies, helps improve the impact of projects and creates value for our clients.

Our services help businesses to better align their technology investments to core business needs and to determine the right technology fit for their business.

We help our customers to understand the applicability of emerging technologies to their business and make informed decisions about their technology investments.
Our workshops are focused at helping to solve real-time business challenges. Our team of professionals with more than two decades of diverse industry experience in various leadership roles will relate case studies and examples fromtheir experience as they help organizations determine the best possible technology solution.

Advisory Services

Assisting our customers to be at par with the cutting edge technology and to better align their investments to the core business needs. We facilitate workshops focused at addressing real-time business challenges. Our strategists, having more than 20 years of diverse industry experience in leadership roles, construct the workshops and training programs with real case studies, white papers and reference material on the topics:
  • IT & Business Alignment
  • Business Process Management
  • Program/Project Management
  • IT Portfolio Optimization
  • IT Processes and Governance (ITIL)
  • Enterprise Architecture

We facilitate workshops that are tailored to specific business challenges.

IT Strategy & Planning
  • IT & Business Alignment
  • Role of Enterprise Architecture
  • Emerging Technologies and Opportunity Assessment (Web/Online Presence, Social Media, Big Data, Mobile Technologies, Cloud Computing, eCommerce Solutions)
Program/Project Management
  • Managing Complex Projects
  • Effective Communication
  • Rescuing projects in trouble
  • IT Portfolio Governance
  • IT Portfolio prioritization
Business Process Management
  • Organizational Assessment, Training
  • Setting up BPM COE and Governance Processes
  • BPM tool assessment and selection
  • ARIS Implementation and Governance
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Process Improvement – Lean Six Sigma
IT Portfolio Governance
  • Establishing IT Processes and Governance (ITIL)
  • Executive Dashboard - Metrics and  Scorecard
  • Enterprise Architecture



PamTen is focused on creative problem solving with "outside-the-box thinking." We help companies align their business strategy to processes, people and technologies.