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Digital Marketing

Membership Management & Event Planning Tool

When an Ontario, Canada based entrepreneurial organization was looking for a framework to manage its members internally, and a platform where members could connect seamlessly. The process needed to be interactive and responsive for members and for administrators, incorporating event planning and management, membership management, and the ability for members to be interactive. PamTen found their solution and gave them a comprehensive system, expandable to meet their increasing need.

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Online Reputation Management

Our client, a respected leader of a New York based Private Equity Investments & Advisory Services organization, was being affected by several negative links in Google's top search results. The client's reputation and that of his company were at stake. A plan was needed to quickly address this negative content. This plan also needed an SEO strategy to help it stay ahead of the competition.

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SEO Strategy & Implementation

A market-leading Big Data and Analytics consulting firm with an exceptional reputation in this competitive field discovered that their website traffic was steadily decreasing. A recent redesign of the website was suspected as the primarily cause of the decline in overall site traffic, page views, and duration of visits. In addition, many of the Keywords used to describe the firm's business and capabilities were not ranked by Google. The firm needed to stay ahead of the competition by implementing an effective SEO strategy that focused on improving their website ranking on the major Search Engines and increased traffic to the website. A plan was needed to quickly identify the underlying issues affecting traffic, such as broken links and recommendations for on-page and off-page optimizations, to promote the firms capabilities and increase website traffic.

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