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Increasingly, shopping decisions are being made online. People use on line stores for comparison shopping, reviews, inspiration, and purchasing. A strong E-Commerce Store can influence shoppers to make your business the place where they spend their time and make their purchases - and keep your business growing. Our E-Commerce Solution can help you do all that, and more.

  • Marketing – Create and manage your products, coupons, discounts, newsletters and easily make them available to customers to buy online share through social media. By increasing visibility you can increase sales. Blogs and reviews can easily be managed through one central portal.
  • Payment & Tax Integration – Our E-Commerce Solution provides secure payment capabilities through a variety of options. Buyers can purchase as guests or register and log in. Address validations and sales tax calculations are smoothly integrated based on zip code. Products can also be coded as taxable and non-taxable, so there is less confusion.
  • Analytics – The dashboard analytics provide detailed reports on sales, inventory and integration with Google Analytics gives you the information you need to help target the correct customers and understand their interests and purchasing habits. These insights can guide you and help to increase sales.
  • Convenient – Manage the details of the sales, review store statistics, provide email notifications to customers, and configure shipping – all in one place.




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