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Inventory Management

Managing inventory for a variety of clients with a wide array of products has always been a complicated process. With the Inventory Management System, all clients product inventory levels can be managed and monitored with one simple web application.

  • Inventory Management – The system shows real time inventory levels of the products based on the orders placed. Stocks can be adjusted as needed. And product locations in the warehouse can be specified by name. The product locations at multiple warehouses can be monitored. The stocks in the location get adjusted based on the Orders.
  • Orders – Selected products can be grouped into a KIT so orders can be placed for the KITs, rather than individual parts. Users can also place bulk orders by uploading a simple and standardized form in XML.
  • Reports – Various reports, such as Billing, Inventory Received, Usage, Location, etc. can be generated to keep you well informed and on top of the warehouse activities. Custom Invoices can be generated depending on the requirement.
  • Notifications – Email notifications will be received whenever an Order is placed, when the specific inventory level of any product falls below the determined level, and when the product date has expired (in case of perishable goods).




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